Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hold an event?

Room service fees vary with date, time of day and venue level reserved. A Lakeview representative will be glad to discuss the fee schedule on an individual basis.

What is the venue’s capacity?
The Lake Overview Level (upper level) will accommodate up to 225 guests. The Lakeside Level (lower level) will seat up to 200 guests.

Are other events occurring on the grounds or in the building simultaneously with mine?
No, you will not be sharing the facilities or grounds with any other affair during your event. While other events may be held on the same day, the event times do not overlap.

What services are included with the room service fee?
Lakeview’s Event Coordinator will help guide the event sponsor through the decision making process required to host an event. The Event Coordinator will be on site during the event to interact with the sponsor, guests, vendors and other event participants. Round tables and comfortable padded chairs are set-up according to the seating chart prepared in cooperation with Lakeview’s Event Coordinator. Square white table lines and white or colored napkin are included. Janitorial service and trash removal are included.

What is the maximum duration for an event?
The basic room service fee is for a 6 hour event. Prior to the event 2 hours are allowed for decorating. After conclusion of the event, 30 minutes are granted for clean-up. Events can, with prior approval, last longer than 6 hours but will incur an additional room service fee.

Are facilities available for an outdoor wedding ceremony?
A lakeside brick patio is available for outdoor weddings. The surrounding lawn will accommodate up to 200 guests.

What is the cost to use the outdoor wedding patio?
The lakeside wedding patio can be used for a fee of $300. Included is the use and set-up of 100 white padded chairs. Additional chairs can be rented for $2 a peace. A small white clothed table is provided upon request. Electrical outlets are conveniently located around the patio for lights, sound systems or other reasonable uses. Rehearsal time is included but must be prearranged with Lakeview’s Event Coordinator.

Where will the wedding be held if the weather is inclement?
In case of bad weather, the ceremony will be held inside utilizing the venue level reserved for the reception.

Are dressing rooms available?
Dressing rooms are currently being remodeled and are planned (not promised) to be completed by the 2013 wedding season. The restrooms have ample space to serve as the dressing area until the remodeling is complete.

How long can a desired date be held while a decision is being contemplated?
The venue will only be temporarily reserved for 7 days without Lakeview receiving a signed Event Agreement and security deposit.

How can a venue date be secured?
A deposit equal to the room fee will secure the venue for the contracted date.

What happens to my security deposit if the event is cancelled?
Fifty (50%) of the security deposit will be refunded in the event of cancellation only if Lakeview Banquet and Event Center is able to rebook the event date specified in this agreement with an event of similar size. If the event sponsor decides to rebook an event at Lakeview Banquet and Event Center at a future date, any monies not refunded will be credited to the event sponsor’s billing. Credit for any non refunded deposit is nontransferable and cannot be applied to any third party’s account.

What type of payment is accepted?
Cash, money order, check drawn on a Michigan bank or cashier’s check are acceptable for payment. To help reduce overhead cost, Lakeview Banquet and Event Center does not accept credit or debit cards.

What types of decorations are permitted?
Decorating is the responsibility of the event’s host. All décor must be flame retardant or flame proof and be approved by Lakeview. Candles are permitted but must be shielded. Candle holders must be approved by Lakeview prior to use. Lakeview has several styles of candle holders that may be rented for a nominal fee.

Is catering available?
Lakeview has contracted with several local caterers for food service. These caterers have met the performance criteria and quality standards required by Lakeview. If you desire to utilize a caterer not currently under contract with Lakeview, that caterer may apply for a temporary catering permit under the same stipulations required of other contracted caterers.

Can I bring my own food or have a pot luck event?
Yes, provided the event is properly staffed. At least one Lakeview staff member must be hired, in addition to any room fee, to oversee the dining room. According to local health codes, Lakeview’s licensed kitchen may not be used by the general public for the preparation or holding of food items.

What is the cost to cater an event?
Catering costs vary widely depending upon the menu items selected. Caterers will be glad to work with your budget and to provide price quotes on an individual basis.

Is alcoholic beverage service available?

Is alcoholic beverage service required at an event?
No, alcohol free events are welcome. Lakeview can customize non alcoholic beverage service to meet your needs. Fancy alcohol free mocktails, draft root beer, punch, fruit juices or soft drinks can be tailor ordered to your taste and budget.

What is the cost for beverage service?
Beverage pricing varies depending on the services requested. A Lakeview representative will be glad to discuss beverage service options and pricing with you.

What about music?
Lakeview has contracted with several DJ’s to provide the events music. The individuals frequently performed at Lakeview, provide service that meets Lakeview’s standards, comply with all copyrights, are licensed with ASCAP, and have worked as a team with other event vendors to produce a successful event. If you desire to utilize the services of a DJ not on the list, that DJ may apply for a temporary performance permit under the same stipulations required of other contracted DJs. Bands and other live performers are welcome. Lakeview also owns a DJ quality sound system that can easily connect to your MP3player or i-pod. This can be rented for $200 and does require a $200 damage security deposit.

Is there a dance floor?
The dance floor is sized according to need and seating arrangement. It ranges from 12’x 20’ to12’x 28’. If a dance floor is not needed, it can be removed to provide more seating or meeting space.




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